2/1/2024 – anti-spam problem – emails bounced

At 10:17 PM CST Jan 31st, 2024 our anti-spam facility behaved badly, and triggered its IP address to be blacklisted. This caused all email going through our GoSecure anti-spam to be bounced, until the problem was corrected at about 4:46 PM CST Feb 1st.

Some of this email would have been rejected in any case, because some of it was sent to disabled or non-existent addresses. However, some of the email was bounced incorrectly and probably caused the sender to be surprised by the bounce, and/or caused the recipient to miss an important message.

iCompute.com does not keep an archive of failed messages, so there is no way for me to tell whether a given message was incorrectly bounced. However, by going through the logs, I can produce a list of all messages that were bounced. I don’t have the body of the message, but I can give the timestamp when it was bounced, and the from: address and to: address.

The xcel spreadsheet attached contains the list of bounced messages for your domains. Many of them will be pretty obvious errors or spam, for the few that look important, you might want to contact the sender and see what was missed.

We apologize for the interruption in service.

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