Hudson Vintage Neighborhood Association  meeting notes  4/24/00

In attendance:

Steve Anderson
Susan Feidt
Sam & Dorothy Neuger
Wayne Houdt
Scot O'Malley
Karen Neset
Chuck Kummeth
Jerry Washburn
Mary Claire Olson

Meeting convened at 7:08pm

Lee started with a reading of notes from the intervening committee meetings held since the last (winter)general meeting.

Next meeting is July 25th at 7pm at Bethel.

Lee brought up the question of joining the St. Croix County Historical Society. A general discussion followed. The consensus was to join, and attending members contributed a dollar each to cover the $7 membership fee.

Lee exhibited a sample brochure that Laurie had created, for distribution at events like Preservation Week.

Lee requested a vote on whether to print up the brochure. At this point Jerry suggested that fundraiser activity be planned, to generate funds for things like printing the brochure, etc.

Lee asked for any additional input on the HVNA mission statement that would be in the brochure. The consensus was that the current statement was sufficient, except Jerry Washburn suggested that we change "encourage"
vintage neighborhood preservation to "encourage and support"

There followed a discussion on what sort of position the group wants to take on renal properties, and how much support (and what kind) to show to renters/landlords.

Agreement was that the points listed in the brochure are okay as they stand.

The next question dealt with joining the Hudson Chamber of Commerce. Lee asked whether our goals were in line with the Chamber's, since the C of C promotes businesses.

Mary Claire mentioned that HVNA would get promotional exposure by joining the Chamber (our name on the C of C website, etc.) She also said membership wold probably $35 for a group this size. Karen suggested we wit
until we get money to pay these dues before considering joining.

Group agreed to wait until we have funds before joining the Camber.

Lee discussed zoning issues regarding conditional use permit reviews. The theater group came up for a conditional use permit review. Another was an antique store that came up for review.

Another one, before the planning commission, was the house on Vine and third, which was zone commercial 3 three years ago, and it was being brought back to residential/transitional. This will be coming up for

Karen pointed out that no one is informed by the council of these reviews.
Mention was also made that Ron Troyer - alderman - is moving from 3rd Street to Stone Pine. His seat on the City Council will then become open.

Le mentioned that here was interest from the Council on us of the Hudson Municipal Building for use as a park space.

There was also brief discussion about a proposed Sprint cell phone tower near Lake Mallilieu.

Discussion about Preservation Week: Karen reports that Mary Washburn tried to contact Dorothy at Historical Society. There seems to be little encouragement from or involvement in walking tours during Preservation
Week activities. The opinion is that walking tours may not be happening this year, unless we do them. Lee will ask Dorothy specifically about walking tours.

Preservation Week Block Party discussion notes:

Lee opened discussion on the planning for a Block Party:

Date: 9/16/00 (Saturday)

Time: 230p - 5p

All agreed on the date & time.

Location: on 6th St between Orange and Vine

Karen reported that he Vine St. Florist would donate up to $50 in cash, and discounts on flowers, if desired.

Jerry mentioned that Mary had contacted the police department about blocking the street to traffic. They will have to get particulars, and then discuss with the City Council.

All agreed on the location.

Jerry and Mar Washburn will speak with the police/city council.

Mary Claire discuss ed the banner cost: the 3' by 30' banner she had ordered for the city cost $600. She said the city is toughening its rules on what type of banners are allowed. City will charge $25 to p it up.

Discussion about buying a banner ensued, with the result that we will not to put one up this year, and will re-visit this issue next year.

Scot will handle writing a story about the Block Party event for placement in the Star Observer.

A picture will be taken at the July 25th meeting for use with the story.

Raising Money ----

Chuck said we are signed up or the brat booth outside Erickson's Aug 4-5-6
(this weekend can be changed).

The booth will need 2-3 people at all times.

Agreement was that we take this weekend and host the brat barbecue.

Activities ----

Jerry reported on the Stillwater Trolley:

The trolley costs $600 to rent. Karen spoke to them about the hours we would have the block party, and that he has a wedding in Hudson that day and might be available. Cost is $80 - $100 per hour

The group agreed not to pursue the Stillwater Trolley.

Guides for walking tours during the Block Party afternoon

All agreed on walking tours during the Block Party.

Scot volunteered to take people on a trailer towed by his ATV for the "walking" tour

Ice cream: Chuck has a deal set up, and we need only to decide how much to buy. Agreement was that we would sell the ice cream at cost.

Chuck mentioned "Dick and Jane's Big Brass band" for music at the Block Party. Cost is very reasonable. Chuck will check on actual cost.
Chuck mentioned that a kid's color/drawing/painting area would be good. Someone will be talking to the owner of Alley Jack's about this.

There was additional discussion on the Hudson History column for the newspaper; it was decided to able his until the July meeting.

The next subcommittee meeting was scheduled for Thursday May 25th to discuss the Block Party. Will be at Wayne's house at 803 Orange at 7pm.

Wayne mentioned he now does interior painting/wallpapering, if any HVNA members or their friends need this type of work done.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.