This page is provided to give an up-to-date status of the service. It will announce downtimes and disruptions in service - both planned and unplanned. Please see our policies on maintenance at the bottom of the page.

Apr 14th, 2015
Over the last several days, the web servers mercy and smile have been unstable due to a kernel panic caused by a bug in the OS kernel, triggered bysome heavy usage. A workaround has been identified - using a different OS for the NFS server. This workaround has now been tested and the old architecture has been restored, with all of the NFS mount points being served from a single machine. The last downtime to handle this problem, and switch over to the new NFS server occurred this morning at 6:25 AM CDT, lasting until 6:45 AM CDT. We apologize fir the disruption in service.

Feb 23rd, 2015
At 11:48 AM CST today our web server smile was rebooted to fix a problem with its system clock. Some time-based tasks, such as cron jobs had not been running as expected since Feb 20th at about 8:30 PM CST.

Feb 19th, 2015
From 2:31 AM CST today to 5:36 AM CST, our upstream connection was down for unknown reasons. This was during off hours, and likely was caused by maintenance by our upstream provider.

Feb 15th, 2015
Between 4:03 PM CST today to 4:06 PM CST, our web server smile was rebooted to correct an urgent problem with nightly web statistics runs.

Feb 8th, 2015
At 5:55 AM CST system time was taken to upgrade the hardware and software on our mail server, and separate out an NFS server into a separate machine. This system time went smoothly, and the mail server was back on line shortly after 7 AM CST. All services were back on line by 7:15 AM.Customers should notice snappier performance from the mail server, especially for IMAP service and the webmail facility. Thank you for being our customers.

Feb 1st, 2015
At 10:27 PM CST an administrative error caused the web server to stop responding. This was discovered and corrected at 11:15 PM CST. We apologize for the interruption of service.

Maintenance Announcement:

Feb 1st, 2015
on 2/8/2015 - 6:00 AM to7:00 AM CST - System time is being planned to upgrade software, and take other maintenance actions to improve security, upgrade software, and otherwise do things that might be disruptive to customers. We do not expect significant downtime during this 1 hour window, but instability and/or unavilability of systems should be expected diring this time.

Jan 3rd, 2015
At 12:02 AM CST today our mysql server shut down unexpectedly. This was not reported until 8:20 PM CST, when it was restarted. While the MySQL server was down, our WordPress sites were unavailable. We apologize for the outage. Monitor scripts have been changed to prevent a reoccurance.

Jan 1st, 2015
Happy New Year! From 11:12 AM CST today to about 12:02 PM CST, our web server smile was unavailable, with. This downtime was a cascade of errors that ended up requiring supporting services to be restarted. Two more reboots of about 4 minutes each occurred at 2:24 PM and 2:46 PM By 2:49 PM CST, all services were restored and stable.

Dec 17th, 2014
From roughly 1:20 PM CST this afternoon, an NFS server daemon had a failure, causing some services on the web servers to fail. This was fixed at about 2:20 PM CST, when all services were restored.

Oct 2nd, 2014
Recent disclosures about the "shellshock" bug in bash do not pose a major security threat to iCompute, because the web servers do not use bash by default. Other equipment is being monitored for security flaws, but at this time, there is no major concern.

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Any significant downtimes will be posted on this page.

If the downtime is unplanned, it will be posted here as soon as possible after the fact.

If the downtime is planned, it will be posted here at least one week in advance. Downtimes will be planned on Sunday morning between 6 and 8 AM whenver possible. Urgent, significant planned downtimes that cannot be scheduled a week in advance will still be posted here. If we deem it necessary, we will also send out e-mail to our customers with notification for the downtime as far in advance as possible.